About Laser Grading

about_laserLaser grading is used in applications of the construction industry requiring extreme precision. Some examples are athletic field construction, ice skating rink construction, equestrian arenas, super-flat concrete floors, precision asphalt paving applications and all other surfaces with minute tolerances for drainage or pitch. The laser – grader only weighs 3200 pounds which means it can work on surfaces with no disruption to surroundings.

Laser grading can be used to save contractors large percentages on the accuracy of poured materials. Concrete floors with bird-baths or divots in the grade can waste countless yards of concrete and make large overages on amounts required by engineers. Laser grading can ensure drainage pitches required by engineers can be met and achieved with ultimate efficiency. Using a laser system which can be adjusted to the 100th of a percent, Laser-Grader Services can insure customer satisfaction on every single job. Laser grading is considered the most accurate and efficient way to obtain high tolerance grading. The Laser – Grader is the only machine with the laser system built into the construction of the machine all others are just an after thought. This all adds up to create a more accurate grade. With its compact size the Laser – Grader can grade any job big or small.

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